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Kate Mayer Art

Original Abstract Art - Sublime Love

Original Abstract Art - Sublime Love

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"Sublime Love," part of an inspiring series by London based artist Kate Mayer, which explores the profound concept of love, delves into love as a life force, a binding universal connection that unites us all. It encapsulates a love that transcends individuality, a potent energy capable of transforming worlds when hearts open to its embrace.

At its core, this piece features a center adorned with an intention or affirmation sealed in wax. These wax seals symbolise the act of firmly stamping and sealing an important piece of information, making it truth.

The central message is clear: "Love is everything, and everything is love." This affirmation isn't just a statement; it's a profound reminder of the power of love in our lives. By reading and repeating such affirmations daily, one has the potential to effect lasting, positive change.

This intention lies at the heart of Kate Mayer's art. Her aim is to infuse spaces with positive energy and to create environments resonating with love and harmony for all who encounter them. Through "Sublime Love," Kate aspires to amplify loving vibrations, reminding us of the transformative potential of love in our lives and the world at large.

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Acrylic, gold leaf and wax on canvas


80cm x 80cm 


black wood

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