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Mercer Oak Chest Of Drawers With Walnut Finish

Mercer Oak Chest Of Drawers With Walnut Finish

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Like a timeless symphony, the Mercer Ribbed Oak Chest of Drawers orchestrates harmony in your living space.

Perfection lies in details. Crafted with meticulous care, this chest combines natural oak and oak veneer, enveloped in a warm walnut colour finish that emphasises the exquisite, visible grain. Ribbed front panels add a tactile dimension, while the six drawers glide silently on metal runners, their soft-close push mechanisms ensuring a seamless experience. Here is modern design that remains elegantly timeless, making a statement of sophistication in your home.

Sophisticated Storage Solution

Effortlessly melding utility with unparalleled style, the Mercer Ribbed Oak Chest of Drawers combines form and function. The ribbed detailing on the front panels imparts texture and visual rhythm, becoming a focal point of refined taste. With six spacious drawers, this piece is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that your living space remains uncluttered, whilst your belongings are stowed in sophistication.

Seamlessly integrated within its sleek silhouette, the drawers feature cutting-edge metal runners and soft-close push mechanisms with whisper-quiet operation and sublime ease of use. The visible grain not only celebrates the authenticity of the oak but also marks this piece as not just furniture, but a statement of timeless design.

Embrace Timeless Elegance

The Mercer Ribbed Oak Chest of Drawers stands as a paragon of design continuity—marrying the warmth of fine oak with the sophistication of ribbed detailing. Its walnut colour finish enhances the visible grain, offering an organic aesthetic that anchors any room with a sense of enduring style. The push-to-open, soft-close functionality is quietly luxurious, providing unobtrusive ease with a simple touch. This chest is not merely a piece of furniture; it is a modern heirloom, blending practicality with the grace of timeless craftsmanship.

Harmonious Design Aesthetics

The Mercer Ribbed Oak Chest of Drawers offers an exquisite blend of form and function that serves as a testament to contemporary design.

  1. Ribbed Front Panels: These imbue the piece with a textured appearance that is visually engaging and pleasant to touch.
  2. Oak and Oak Veneer Build: This ensures a symbiotic relationship between durability and the inherent beauty of natural grain, which is distinct in every piece.
  3. Walnut Colour Finish: Elegantly applied, it accentuates the unique patterns of the wood, creating a harmonious visual flow.
  4. Soft Close, Push-to-Open Drawers: Enticing in their simplicity, these features epitomize the seamless integration of modern convenience with sophistication.
  5. Metal Runners: They offer a robust foundation for the drawers, adding to the unit's sleek appearance without compromising functionality.

A centerpiece that inspires tranquility, its walnut finish melds with the oak's natural allure, presenting a timeless ambience.

The considered design radiates balance – a profound statement in any contemporary home.

Enduring Materials Merge

Crafted to withstand the test of time, the walnut colour finish subtly deepens the character of the oak, creating a piece that becomes more distinguished with age. This marriage of oak's raw beauty with a walnut tint exudes an air of sophistication, becoming a focal point for any room it adorns.

Modern Sanctuary Essential

Create a focal point in your contemporary space with the Mercer Ribbed Oak Chest of Drawers—a timelessly styled storage masterpiece.

  • Sophisticated Texture: Ribbed front panels provide a touch of refined detail.
  • Discreet Luxury: Soft close, push-to-open drawers ensure a seamless experience.
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from oak and oak veneer, ensuring durability.
  • Elegant Aesthetics: A sophisticated walnut colour finish complements any interior palette.
  • Modern Convenience: Metal runners facilitate an effortless glide.

Every interaction with the Mercer Chest is an experience in modern luxury wrapped in the natural beauty of oak.

Expert craftsmanship and thoughtful design converge to create a piece that transcends trends and anchors your space with grace.


  • Walnut Colour
  • Ribbed detail
  • Timeless Design
  • Soft Close push drawers
  • Matching pieces available in the Mercer range for cohesive look

Weight: 88 kg


110W x 45D x 85H cm


Mdf, Oak, Oak Veneer with Walnut Finish

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