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Mercer Oak Desk with Ribbed Front Drawers

Mercer Oak Desk with Ribbed Front Drawers

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Meticulously crafted for both elegance and functionality, the Mercer Oak Desk is a contemporary statement in design, boasting a sophisticated ribbed front profile that effortlessly blends with a modern aesthetic.

With not just exquisite form but practicality too, this desk comes equipped with two soft close, push-to-open drawers and two doors, revealing adjustable shelving within. These elements glide on premium metal runners, ensuring a seamless operation.

Visible grain enhances authenticity.

Ribbed Front Panel Elegance

The Mercer Oak Desk champions a façade of ribbed front panels that invoke modern sophistication, seamlessly merging tactile intrigue with visual appeal. Crafted with discerning homeowners in mind, these textured panels are the epitome of contemporary design finesse, resonating with a refined aesthetic.

Beneath the surface, the strength of oak meets innovative design. The panels not only add an element of geometric precision but also echo the quality and durability inherent in the desk's construction. Its matching siblings, the Mercer Chest of Drawers and bedside tables, mirror this fine ribbed detailing, creating a harmonious and curated interior theme.

Each rib on the front panel reflects the precision of expert craftsmanship, evoking design-led elegance.

Envisioned for both functionality and beauty: the Mercer Oak Desk's gentle soft-close, push drawers afford a touch of luxury, while shelving behind discreet doors offers practical storage. The visible oak grain, sophisticated and authentic, brings warmth and character as well as a profound connective thread to the Mercer collection, ensuring continuity of style and class.

Innovative Storage Solutions

The Mercer Oak Desk reinvents traditional storage, integrating seamless functionality with aesthetic finesse. Its soft-close push drawers glide effortlessly on metal runners, providing an experience of understated luxury. Sketches, documents, or cherished mementos find their place within, nestled securely away yet always within reach.

Two doors reveal additional shelving, offering a haven for larger items or books. This space is as versatile as it is elegant, ensuring that your possessions are displayed or hidden away with equal grace.

Seamless Soft Close Drawers

The drawers of the Mercer Oak Desk feature a sublime, gentle closure, elevating the everyday function to an experience of graceful utility.

Crafted with precision, the desk boasts two drawers which embrace a minimalist push-to-open mechanism, eliminating the need for handles. This creates a clean, uninterrupted façade that integrates beautifully with the desk's overall contemporary aesthetic. The soft close mechanism ensures that each closure is silent and smooth, protecting the contents and maintaining a serene environment.

Uncompromised Durability

Not only is the desk structured to endure, but its soft-close push drawers and doors are indicative of meticulous craftsmanship. Such elements are paired with thoughtful detailing to provide you with a piece that holds its pristine condition, underscoring the desk's role as a perennially chic and steadfast element of your home office ensemble.

Coordinating Furniture Pieces

Infuse your space with a symphony of natural grain and contemporary geometry. The Mercer Oak Desk harmoniously complements its counterparts – Mercer Chest of Drawers and bedside tables – each piece resonating the distinctive ribbed front detail. This collection will imbue your space with an understated elegance, crafting a serene and sophisticated retreat for reflection, work, and celebration.



  • Walnut Colour
  • Ribbed detail
  • Timeless Design
  • Soft Close push drawers
  • Matching pieces available in the Mercer range for cohesive look

Weight: 88 kg


120 × 55 × 76 cm


Mdf, Oak, Oak Veneer with Walnut Finish

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