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Leather Butterfly Chair

Leather Butterfly Chair

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The most iconic chair in the world. Imagine this classic in your home.

You have seen it everywhere.

Fashion magazines love it.

Hotels want it.

Museums admire it.  

This is the Leather Butterfly Chair you have been looking for. 

This version is considered by many to be the most beautiful butterfly chair in the world. And it is also one of the most comfortable design chairs.

The finest Italian leather...

Made the same way leather has been made for more than 70 000 years.

With a few secret tweaks from the same people who make leather for the most popular Italian fashion brands.

... Combined with Swedish steel

All the leather is sent to Sweden where its cut and sewn and make these beloved leather butterfly chairs.


Crafted to perfection

The very best Italian leather is combined with Swedish steel to create state of the art interior decoration.

The Butterfly Chair is made deep in the Swedish forests with a clear focus on quality and sustainability. Modern machines are used to cut and bend the steel with robotic precision while a human touch is required to carefully select the best leather.

The environment will thank you for using this butterfly chair, as it is made of vegetable tanned leather and shipped in a flat package. It’s clear that Cuero Design is a place where nature meets art.

4 mm thick leather guarantees that your chair will maintain its shape forever.

  • Vegetable tanned leather - Lasts longer

    Plant materials have been used as tanning agents instead of poisonous heavy metals.

  • 100% Full Grain Leather

    Natural, unaltered, and retains the grain, texture, and markings of the original hide.

  • Outstanding comfort

    Special round shape with 15 years of tweaking

  • 12 mm Solid Swedish Steel

    Very strong and long lasting

  • Won't damage your floor

    Floor protectors included

    Sizes does matter

    When it comes to butterfly chairs, size does matter. This leather butterfly chair is more than 30% percent larger than the average butterfly chair you will find. This implies

    Who Else Loves This Leather Butterfly Chair?

    Here is a list of examples of people who have bought this leather butterfly chair:

    • Celebrities – Famous football players, Formula 1 drivers and musicians enjoy our chairs in their homes. We cannot mention their names out of respect for their privacy.

    • Architects & Interior Designers – Our chairs are used to decorate luxury hotels such as the Ice Hotel in Northern Sweden and the Arctic Treehouse in Finnish Lapland. Professionals love the superior quality and comfort of our chairs, as well as the great service we provide upon delivery. It’s also very easy to open trade accounts and place orders with us. Just go to the contact page and write to us.

    • Famous Bloggers – Our Pampa Mariposa butterfly chair is extremely photogenic. It doesn’t matter which angle you have or how the lighting conditions are, the pictures will always look great. Its wide “wings” also make you look more beautiful when you sit in it. That’s why many bloggers buy our chairs and use them frequently in their blog posts.

    • Gamers – If you enjoy playing console games, this is the ultimate console game chair. The comfortable lounging position it puts you in makes it possible for you to spend hours winning that game without feeling uncomfortable. And since it’s so beautiful, you won’t hear any complaints from any non-gaming family members.

    • Superior Comfort

    • More Leather

    • More Steel

    • Better Stability

    Lifetime Warranty on the Leather

    We want your butterfly chair to last for a very long time. As the matter of fact, the leather butterfly chair has been made with special care for extra durability.

    There are a few saddles that were made in the late 19th century that are still being used today. These saddles were made with the same type of leather and crafting techniques we use to make this BKF chair today.

    If you treat it right, you should be able to pass it on to several generations after you. While we cannot speak for how you will take care of your chair, we can promise you this; We promise you that the leather will last for a lifetime if you treat it correctly and that the stitching will last for at least five years.

    A message from the makers: Whether you buy it from one of our retailers or directly here on our website, we will stay true to this promise. It holds up in addition to any warranty our retailers may offer. Contrary to what you may have experienced many times before, you will never feel abandoned by us. We are a small and niched company so we have to give you the very best service possible since we simply cannot afford to risk a bad reputation.



  • Vegetable Tanned Italian Leather - Lasts longer
  • Outstanding Comfort
  • 12mm Swedish Steel Frame
  • Design Classic
  • Timeless Style
  • Floor Protectors Included


Height: 92cm (37") Width: 87cm (35")


  • 12 mm Solid Swedish Steel
  • 4mm thick, 100% Full Grain Leather

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