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Kate Mayer Art

Original Abstract Art - Speak Your Truth

Original Abstract Art - Speak Your Truth

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"Speak Your Truth," a dynamic abstract painting by artist Kate Mayer, was meticulously crafted with the deliberate intention of kindling boldness, joy, and the liberating spirit of freedom. This artwork is a visual ode to the courage it takes to unveil one's authentic self in all its vibrant hues.

To speak our truth demands a formidable act of bravery, a willingness to be seen and celebrated in all our glorious colors. Mayer's creation serves as a powerful reminder of the audacity required for this transformative endeavor. Yet, with this boldness comes an unparalleled sense of liberation, the freedom to express oneself fully, and the sheer delight that accompanies such fearless authenticity. "Speak Your Truth" is a radiant manifestation of this vibrant journey toward self-expression and the boundless joy that unfolds when we embrace our true selves.

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Acrylic and spray paint on canvas


80cm x 80cm 


black wood

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