Collection: Original Art

Step into a world where art infuses heart and energy into your home, turning a house into a warm and vibrant haven. Welcome to our captivating collection of original artworks, where creativity and imagination take center stage. Currently, our collection showcases the works of renowned abstract artist, Kate Mayer, who is celebrated for her extraordinary ability to craft positive and energetic pieces that possess the power to transform the ambiance of any space.

Every piece in this collection is a one-off original painting.

These original artworks transcend mere decoration; they are vibrant reflections of emotion and passion, infusing your living space with a unique and heartfelt touch. Whether you're an art enthusiast or a first-time collector, our collection offers something to inspire and delight every art lover.

Embrace the beauty of creativity with our exquisite original artworks, redefining your interior with their visual allure and artistic flair. Elevate your home with these captivating masterpieces, creating an atmosphere of beauty, energy, and sophistication that resonates deeply with your soul.



Kate Mayer is a visionary artist who believes in manifesting positive change through thoughts and intentions, with a profound understanding of the impact of our environment on our subconscious. Her recent emergence onto the art scene has brought recognition and growth in her artistic expression.

Mayer's dynamic abstract works, created with acrylics and spray paints, skilfully incorporate light and texture using elements like diamond dust and gesso, these pieces transform under shifting sunlight. Inspired by the vibrancy of East London, her art features street art-inspired colour palettes, with neon highlights over soft base layers, expressed through pronounced acrylic strokes.

Mayer's art is emotionally charged, influenced by music and conversation, with sounds and words energising her creations, reflecting the interplay between aural elements and her inner world.

With 25 years in the creative industry, working with brands like M&S and Warehouse, she has collaborated with renowned retailers such as Selfridges, Galleries Lafayette, and House of Fraser, Mayer is a sought-after artist. Her work encourages mindfulness about the influence of our surroundings, inspiring personal growth and positive transformation. Mayer's dynamic approach to merging art with human emotions makes her a compelling force in the art world.