Collection: Living In Kin

Welcome to Living In Kin's exclusive curation of home furnishings, meticulously selected to elevate both form and function in your living spaces. Each item in our collection represents a harmonious blend of refined design aesthetics and unparalleled functionality. We are committed to aiding our customers in crafting spaces that foster togetherness, where moments with family and friends are cherished. Whether it's hosting intimate gatherings, lively family reunions, or sophisticated soirées, our handpicked range is dedicated to enhancing your living experience. At Living In Kin, we don't just offer furniture and decor; we offer the essence of creating inviting spaces that bring people together, fostering memorable moments and cherished connections.

Living in Kin: Exclusive High Quality Furniture Range

Much like a perfectly tailored suit that exudes elegance from every seam, Living in Kin represents the epitome of contemporary home furnishing, with an exclusive range that, without exception, asserts a confident style statement in any dwelling.

The difference is palpable.

Each piece within the Living in Kin collection is meticulously crafted, with an emphasis on materiality and form that elevates the act of furnishing from mere necessity to an art form. It’s an investment in quality that pays dividends in both form and function.

Crafting Comfort: The Living in Kin Philosophy

At the core of the Living in Kin ethos is a profound respect for the harmonious blend of aesthetics and comfort. This philosophy underpins an unwavering commitment to create furniture that enriches life's everyday moments. We believe that form should follow function, and so our designs are rooted in the practicalities of daily use, elevated to an exquisite form. Thus, Living in Kin epitomises a synergy of design and comfort, ensuring each piece not only dazzles with its sophistication but also cradles you in unparalleled luxury.

The Art of Material Selection

In the realm of high-end furniture, the materials employed play a quintessential role, dictating not only aesthetics but also longevity and comfort. Living in Kin prides itself on selecting only the finest, ethically sourced materials for its curated range.

We intertwine the tangible with the elusive, creating pieces that possess a "soulful materiality". Be it the supple touch of premium leather or the cool finesse of marble, every texture is selected to animate the form it graces, intensifying the owner's sensual experience.

Each material is handpicked to ensure resonance with Living in Kin's vision of timeless elegance.

Balancing tactile quality with enviable durability, our material selection process is rigorous and inspired. We engage with materials that embody resilience (often inherent in their heritage), adding to the narrative of each piece. This ensures that every Living in Kin creation is not just a fixture but a witness to a home's unfolding story.

Discover Our Bespoke Design Process

Journey into the essence of exclusivity with us.

Our bespoke design process is a distinctive fusion of expert craftsmanship and personal touch. It begins with an in-depth consultation to imbue your personality into our furniture, ensuring each piece is not just about luxury but a reflection of you. Meticulously, we blend your desires with the pinnacle of design vision, crafting a narrative that is exclusive to your space and sensibilities.

Transform your interior dreams into tangible realities.

We sculpt your ideas using 3D renders and mood boards, a visual conversation between us. This collaborative approach ensures that the final creation not only meets but surpasses your expectations, an impeccable blend of form and function, individually tailored for you.

Witness the creation of remarkable spaces with our curated pieces.

We promise to deliver excellence right down to the finest detail, drawing upon the latest design trends and traditional techniques. It is an immersive journey set to culminate in Autumn 2023 with a collection rich in materiality and craftsmanship, an homage to those who appreciate the harmony of high-quality furniture within their sanctuary.

Elegance Meets Functionality

At the heart of Living in Kin's ethos is an uncompromising commitment to quality, where each piece tells its own story. Through thoughtful design, our furniture transcends mere utilitarian needs, moulding them into a canvas where elegance is just as paramount as functionality. Our creations don't just fill a space—they enhance it, fostering environments that elevate your everyday living.

In our exclusive collection, each item serves as a testament to this philosophy, where a "less is more" aesthetic is married to meticulous attention to detail. From the curve of a chair to the finish of a table, beauty and purpose coexist effortlessly. Our aim is to enliven the spaces you inhabit, to create an ambience that not only speaks to the connoisseur of fine design but also caters to the practicalities of modern life.

Innovations in Comfort

Kinship is about connection, and that connection begins with impeccable comfort. The Living in Kin furniture range embraces this notion, redefining domestic comfort with every curve and cushion.

In this collection, innovation is seamlessly integrated into the art of relaxation. With ergonomic designs that cradle the body in luxury, each product is meticulously engineered to offer bespoke comfort. Adaptive materials are interwoven with traditional craftsmanship, creating pieces that acclimate to your life rhythm while providing support and serenity. This blend of innovation ensures that, beyond beauty, each piece serves as a haven of relaxation.

Comfort transcends mere physical ease—it's about creating a sanctuary for the senses. The textures employed within Living in Kin pieces are selected for their tactile luxury, from the supple embrace of leather to the gentle touch of finely woven fabrics. These materials appeal to our innate desire for comfort, transforming each piece into an experience, not just a piece of furniture.

Indeed, the carefully curated designs within the Living in Kin range are meant to be lived with and loved. The collection fosters a dialogue between form and function, where ergonomic innovation meets aesthetic splendour. As you settle into a Living in Kin creation, you'll appreciate subtle adjustments and features that accommodate various postures and preferences. It's about delivering a level of comfort that enriches daily life, allowing moments of leisure to become pure bliss.

Space-Optimised Solutions

In urban homes where space is at a premium, the Living in Kin range shines, combining multifunctional utility with sleek, aesthetic appeal. Pieces are crafted not just to occupy a room but to enhance it, creating a harmonious balance between function and elegance.

Every design is intentional, with proportions tailored to maximise available space. The collection's smart aesthetics ensure that each piece not only fits perfectly in the intended space but also amplifies it.

Modular components join hands with innovative design, allowing pieces to adapt and evolve with your living spaces. Built-in storage solutions (hidden compartments and streamlined shelving) keep clutter at bay while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

Even larger furnishings are designed with spatial efficiency in mind. Beds with integrated storage, extendable dining tables, and sectionals that conform to corners, all demonstrate a commitment to maximising square footage without sacrificing comfort.

Smaller accents are just as considered, acting as ingenious solutions for those looking to enhance their homes without overwhelming the space. Versatile side tables, floating shelves, and compact seating options stand testimony to the brand's dedication to crafting pieces that elevate both the form and function of contemporary dwellings.

Ultimately, it's about crafting homeowners' dreams into realities. Intuitive customisation options and an array of adaptable pieces ensure that every inch of your home is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, reflecting the core philosophy of Living in Kin.

Sustainability at Heart

At Living in Kin, the infusion of sustainability into our high-end furniture range is not just an afterthought; it's woven into the very fabric of our design philosophy. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted with environmentally responsible materials, reflecting a dedication to nurturing the planet while furnishing your home with timeless elegance.

With a keen eye on the future, we strive for a harmonious balance between luxury and eco-conscious living. From sourcing ethically produced woods to incorporating recycled fabrics, our commitment extends to every detail. We view furniture as a long-term investment, both for your home and the environment, ensuring every creation has minimal impact on the earth while offering maximum impact on your living space.

Ethically Sourced Materials

Our journey begins with the rigorous selection of materials, adhered to in the noble pursuit of ethical sourcing. This is a cornerstone principle for Living in Kin.

In the realm of luxury furnishings, the provenance of raw materials is pivotal. A significant emphasis is placed on the ethical acquisition of woods, metals, and textiles. Our woods bear the marks of responsible forestry practices, while metals are retrieved and processed adhering to stringent ecological standards. Textiles tell a similar story, sourced from suppliers who champion the welfare of both the environment and their workers. This threefold approach solidifies our commitment as custodians of the earth's resources, ensuring sustainability is more than a mere buzzword in our vocabulary.

Furthermore, our materials are chosen not only for their ethical backstory but also for their enduring quality. By selecting top-tier, sustainably gathered elements, the resilience and longevity of every piece are elevated. This practice ensures that your cherished furnishings not only embody a sleek aesthetic but also stand the test of time without demanding frequent replacement or maintenance. Such longevity is a testament to the synergistic relationship between high design and sustainability.

In concurrence, we believe that the tactile experience of furniture should harmonise with its ethical provenance. Soft, luxurious fabrics that envelop you are met with the grace of knowing they were produced with respect for our planet. Metals are finished to a sublime sheen, with the assurance that behind their lustrous appearance lies a legacy of responsible sourcing. This comprehensive approach to material selection forges a path for furniture that enriches your home with both tactile and moral satisfaction.

Longevity and Eco-Friendly Practices

Embracing sustainability, Living in Kin ensures furniture longevity alongside responsible manufacturing practices.

  1. Sustainably Sourced Materials: Each piece begins with ethically obtained materials, reducing environmental impact.
  2. Expert Craftsmanship: Meticulous craftsmanship guarantees durability, extending each item's life cycle.
  3. Low-VOC Finishes: Finishes with low volatile organic compounds enhance air quality and are safer for your home.
  4. Recyclable Components: Design considerations include the use of recyclable elements, promoting a circular economy.
  5. Repairable and Upgradable: Furniture design allows for easy repair and updates, promoting long-term usage.

Our high-quality pieces are intentionally designed to endure, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Every selection compellingly blends high-end design with eco-consciousness, creating a lasting and sustainable home environment.

The Kin Collection Showcase

Exploring the Kin Collection, you enter a world where premium materials meet pioneering design to establish spaces that resonate with harmony, elegance, and the epitome of domestic bliss. Each finely crafted item echoes a story, imbuing your home with layers of texture, warmth, and sophisticated ambience that become centre stage for life's unfolding narratives.

The consciously curated ensemble infuses your living spaces with an aura of un-compromised quality and artistry. Every sofa, chair, and accessory in the collection is an invitation to experience luxury fused with functionality, designed to enrich your daily living and elevate moments with loved ones.

Signature Pieces Revealed

Delve into a realm where form meets function with immaculate grace. The Living in Kin exclusive furniture range exudes sophistication with every curve and contour.

Established on a foundation of expert craftsmanship, each piece radiates an ethos of timeless style and enduring comfort, carefully balanced to complement contemporary living. The collection's signature pieces stand as testament to a commitment to design excellence and quality assurance.

Imagine furniture that not only serves your living space but elevates it, creating a sanctuary for encounters with friends and family. The range marries aesthetic allure with practical versatility, ensuring seamless integration into diverse interior narratives.

From the bold, sculptural lines of the Moloko coffee table to the plush, inviting depths of the Tribeca Modular Sofa, each selection epitomises the synergy of form and function. Discerning eyes will appreciate the meticulous attention to detail and the subtle opulence of bespoke materials.

The quintessence of this exclusive range is its ability to muster an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication—the perfect backdrop for genuine connections and cherished memories in your home.

Styling Your Space with Kin

Embrace the symphony of elegance and functionality with Living in Kin's exquisite furniture range.

  • Strategic Placement: Maximise the aesthetic and practical potential of each piece.
  • Colour Harmony: Coordinate furniture tones with your existing palette for a cohesive look.
  • Layering Textures: Combine various materials for an enriched tactile experience.
  • Lighting Considerations: Use lighting to accentuate key furniture elements and set the mood.
  • Accessorising: Select decorative items that complement, not clutter, your pieces.

Each Kin item is designed to be an individual statement, yet harmoniously blends into your living ensemble.

Let Living in Kin transform your interiors into a haven of contemporary comfort and style.


Frequently Asked Questions

Living in Kin: Exclusive High Quality Furniture Range

Living in Kin offers a curated range of high quality furniture for design conscious home owners looking to create a contemporary, well designed home environment in order to share good times with friends and family.

1. What makes Living in Kin furniture different?

Living in Kin furniture stands out for its exceptional quality, attention to detail, and contemporary design. Each piece is carefully curated to ensure it meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and style.

2. Can I customise the furniture to suit my preferences?

Yes, Living in Kin offers customisation options for select furniture pieces. You can choose from a range of finishes, fabrics, and materials to create a personalised look that complements your home decor.

3. Is Living in Kin furniture sustainable?

Absolutely! Living in Kin is committed to sustainability and ethical practices. The furniture is crafted using responsibly sourced materials, and the production process prioritises eco-friendly methods to minimise environmental impact. We also operate a minimal shipping policy so that goods are shipped directly, cutting down on the impact of transportation.

4. How long does it take to receive my Living in Kin furniture?

The delivery time for Living in Kin furniture may vary depending on the specific item and your location. However, the team strives to ensure prompt delivery and will provide you with an estimated delivery date at the time of purchase. If you need your item by a specific date please email or call us on 0333 090 2010

6. Can I return or exchange my Living in Kin furniture?

Living in Kin has a hassle-free return and exchange policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can contact our customer support team within 24 hours of delivery to initiate the return or exchange process. Please note any items for return must be in the original packaging

7. How can I contact Living in Kin for further assistance?

For any inquiries or assistance, you can reach our customer support team via email, phone on 0333 090 2010, or through the website's contact form. They are always ready to help and provide you with the information you need.