Collection: Dining Tables

Welcome to a collection designed to redefine your dining space. Our dining tables category is curated to revolutionise your mealtime ambiance, offering more than just a surface to dine on. Explore a fusion of functionality, style, and durability crafted into each piece to elevate your dining experience.

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

Immerse yourself in the craftsmanship that goes beyond mere furniture. Each of our contemporary dining tables is a testament to skilled artisans, meticulously fashioned to stand the test of time. Engineered with premium materials, these tables boast:

Sturdy Foundations: Built to support countless gatherings, ensuring stability and longevity. Our range of modern dining tables have been build to last.
Aesthetic Appeal: From sleek, modern designs to rustic charm, with designs in wood, marble, white gloss and glass, find the perfect style to match for your taste and décor.

Extending Dining Tables

Versatile Sizes: Whether for intimate dinners or grand celebrations, discover sizes that cater to your needs effortlessly. Our circular designer dining tables offer flexibility of place settings, whilst our rectangular tables come in various sizes.
Functional Features: Discover innovative extending dining tables, maximising utility without compromising elegance.

Contemporary Dining Style

Make a statement with your dining area. Embrace the freedom to express your personality through your furniture. 

Create a Focal Point: Transform your dining space into a conversation starter with eye-catching designs.
Blend Seamlessly: Harmonise your table with existing furniture or embark on a complete dining room makeover.
Customisation Options: Some tables offer customisable finishes or materials, allowing you to craft a piece unique to your space. If there's a finish you can't see and would like please feel free to contact us here

Exceptional Design & Quality, Unbeatable Value

Invest in more than just a table; invest in quality moments. Our dining tables promise:

Durability: Resilient materials ensure resilience against daily wear and tear, preserving their allure for years.
Value for Money: Superior quality doesn't mean exorbitant prices. Discover affordability without compromising on excellence.

Now is the time to reimagine and enhance your dining space. Dive into our collection and transform meal times into memorable experiences. Whether it's intimate dinners with family and friends or lavish gatherings, our modern dining room tables promise to be the cornerstone of these cherished moments.

Explore Our Range Today

Browse our exquisite range of dining tables and infuse sophistication, functionality, and style into your home. Elevate your dining experience now and savor the joy of owning a centerpiece that embodies elegance and functionality. Start exploring and make your purchase today to redefine your dining space!

Your dining area is more than just a place to eat. It's a reflection of your style, a backdrop for cherished memories, and a stage for creating moments to treasure... which is the reason we started Living in Kin! Choose a dining table that encapsulates all of this and more. Find your perfect dining room furniture now!

Delivery & Shipping

Many of our collection of dining tables are in stock and ready to send typically with 7-10 days, however some of our artisan tables are made to order, please check the individual listings.